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Your message of “Hope Is Not Extinct, The Best Is Yet to Come” was inspiring and meaningful to all who attended and we are grateful for your participation. Strong positive role models for these young men and women have a tremendous impact on their development. Your message is certain to remain in the forefront of their thoughts throughout their careers…

David H.


Our team agreed, your reference to our service as a “social emergency room” was one to be coined.  We will certainly remember your contribution for years to come. I hope that an opportunity presents itself for us to collaborate and work together. Thank you again for taking time to make our event a success…..

Arleen J.


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you once again for taking the time to travel to Columbus to speak at our Firm’s seminar.  To say your presentation was outstanding would be an understatement.  The evaluations were excellent, and rightfully so……

Christopher R.


Your message of hope, patience, hard work, and perseverance was well received by parents, students, and staff.  Parents are still talking about your moving speech and we hope the message resounds within them for a lifetime….

Krystal H.


I would like to take time out and thank you for coming out and giving a message to me and my peers. I also thank you for your astounding presentation. It was very informative and made me realize that life really isn’t that bad. I learned so much from you in one hour. You taught me about the twist and turns I may face, that I will grow through my problems and nourish myself…..



Thank you very much. We got the session feedback and your session rec’d an overall 4.68 out of 5. We also rec’d several very nice comments about your session…..

John M.

Dr. Bias has been privileged to address diverse audiences for over 30 years, delivering messages of hope, inspiration, and empowerment. Listed are a few clients she has served.

  • White House Office of Drug Control Policy

  • The United Air Force Academy

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America

  • Adult and Youth Detentions Male/Female

  • Collegiate Athletic Programs (male and female)

  • Rotary Clubs

  • High Schools and Middle School Program

  • Substance Abuse Programs Nationwide

  • US Military (Army) Fort Knox and Fort Benning

  • Federal Agencies: DEA, State Dept., EPA, US Treasury, Dept., Agriculture

  • Mentor Foundation

  • Drug Court

  • National School Board Assn (Black Council of School Board Members)

  • NC Justice Center

  • Edgewater Systems (Indiana)