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Dr. Bias is excited about the possibility of sharing her messages of hope with you!

She believes youth, families, the community, and those in the workplace, are “reachable, teachable, lovable and savable, we must change our approach in adapting to their needs!”

Dr. Bias brings over 30 years of experience delivering keynote addresses, developing and facilitating workshops, conferences, and seminars relating to the needs of family, youth, school, community and the work place.

She brings new ways of dealing with to old problems, packaging and delivering hope to her audiences.



Your message of “Hope Is Not Extinct, The Best Is Yet to Come” was inspiring and meaningful to all who attended and we are grateful for your participation. Strong positive role models for these young men and women have a tremendous impact on their development. Your message is certain to remain in the forefront of their thoughts throughout their careers…

David H.


Our team agreed, your reference to our service as a “social emergency room” was one to be coined.  We will certainly remember your contribution for years to come. I hope that an opportunity presents itself for us to collaborate and work together. Thank you again for taking time to make our event a success…..

Arleen J.